Plack Handbook

A little book to get started with Plack and PSGI

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Plack Handbook for Developers

This little handbook is based on the content of the website Plack Advent Calendar. The calendar had 24 useful short posts explaining the concept of PSGI and tutorials how to adapt Plack to the existing web applications. The calendar was so successful and it's been considered a canonical reference for many beginners trying to learn Plack and also web framework authors trying to adapt PSGI.

The handbook is now available as an ebook you can buy for $5 and download immediately, available in EPUB and MOBI without DRM. The ebook formats have been tested with Apple iBooks and Nook Simple Touch (EPUB) and Kindle for iOS and Kindle Touch (MOBI). Once we get to revise the content to be more up-to-date, you'll recieve the notifications to redownload the ebook files for free, if you provide an email address upon purchase at Gumroad.

Japanese version is also included. 日本語版EPUBとMobiファイルも含まれています。

Raw source code of the book, in Markdown format, is available at github repository under the Creative Commons license. See LICENSE file for details.